Reasons To File A Workers Compensation Claim

File Workers Compensation Claim

Most people have heard of workers compensation claim, but many don’t understand exactly what it is. Others understand the concept of workers compensation Portland, but they may not know the circumstances under which it’s appropriate to file a claim or what is covered. In order to shed more light over your rights as a worker, we have prepared a short article detailing the basics of this concept. First, we will have a look at the major reasons to file a claim. Then, we will expand on what coverage can this file provide in case of an injury.

Workers Compensation Claim: When Should You File One

On-the-Job Injury

The most common reason to file for workers compensation Portland is an injury that occurs on the job. This is also the situation where you receive compensations the easiest. Generally speaking, if you injure yourself on the job, it can only mean one thing: your employer is at fault. Naturally, this hypothetical situation is eligible only if you didn’t get injured out of your own fault.

Therefore, if the resulting injury isn’t a consequence of your actions, then you are safe. This means that your employer has been negligent and did not provide a legally-required safe work environment.

For example, this situation can be the result of being asked to operating equipment that you have not been trained to use. Another common reason for on-the-job injuries is handling items in a garage or warehouse that were not secured safely. If they fall on you, it will be the employer’s fault.

However, the workers compensation claim also covers basic upkeep of the premises. If your employer doesn’t take care of the cracks in the floor or remove the ice on the driveway during winter, any injury you have will be their fault.

Illness Resulting from a Hazardous Workplace

A less common, but equally important workers compensation Portland issue is illness due to an unsafe workplace. Employers have to respect the law at all times. This means they have to make sure their employees do not come into contact with harmful substances. Any exposure to hazardous substances is against the law. Even if your job is to handle dangerous substances, your employer has to provide protection for your health.

A workers compensation claim can be filed in this situation. This could be a matter of exposure to dangerous chemicals that make you sick. Or in some cases, environmental issues, like improper ventilation or shelter. In any case, if you contract an illness serious enough for you to miss work because of the conditions you work in, you can file a claim.

What the Claims Cover

Nearly all licensed businesses are required to pay into workers compensation. These funds cover the medical expenses of employees due to neglect or abuse by their employer. If the injury or illness is so severe that the employee is no longer able to work, they may also cover future earning potential or loss of employability.

Workers have rights and employers have responsibilities to keep them safe. When this fails, workers compensation is there to rectify the situation.

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