Work From Home The Microjob Way At Microdojo

Have you been wishing for some extra money? Or are you a stay at home parent who wants to work but needs to be able to pick the kids up from school? Micro jobs are the solution to all your work at home needs and one of the best sites like Fiverr is Microdojo.

Working at home has never been so easy with micro job sites. The freedom to go wherever you want and work whenever jobs come to you is a real possibility if you only take the chance. Don’t think there’s a job there for you? Think again! Micro jobs can inspire creativity in a million different areas.

What is a Microjob?

It’s a temporary task job booked through the internet in all sorts of different fields, from graphic design to writing to programming. You can even be a virtual assistant online for clients or work at data entry. If you want to be a little more creative, you can even offer chalk drawings advertising a business or a mention on your blog!

Best Micro jobs Site Like Fiverr: MicroDojo

Fiverr might be famous but Microdojo is the best new micro job site. Why shouldn’t you expand where you land jobs? No reason at all why you shouldn’t! It’s easy to set up a profile in no time and wait for the tasks to roll in. Here’s how:

1. Sign up to MicroDojo and fill out your profile.

2. Decide what skills you have. Are you a graphic artist, a programmer, or do you have a way with words? Maybe you’re really talented at character design or summarizing large blocks of information. Got a great voice? Explore the world of voiceovers!

3. Create a job for a service you wish to offer. Perhaps you’ll write 500 words on any topic or design a business card for $5. Since it is one of the best sites like Fiverr, you can do that. Be sure to provide some examples of your work if you can. Clients are always interested in seeing writing or design styles before purchasing a job from you.

4. Share it on social media. The more people know and share, the more likely you’ll get work! Connections are always a great way to find new business or even repeating business.

5. Wait to be notified when someone purchases a job from you. Make sure you can do the job they want in the time given and that you can just do the job in general (for example, some topics are easier to write 500 words about than others).

6. Complete the job in the time agreed upon, receive $4 for the job, and when you accrue enough in earnings, withdraw to a PayPal account. Then enjoy the earnings from your hard work and start all over again!

This is the way forward and you can work wherever you want! You can earn pocket money or even work towards being home full-time while you work. You can even do a few jobs while traveling to afford extra treats while out of town. After all, it is one of the best sites like Fiverr. Embrace the new task-oriented society by making it work for you. Enjoy MicroDojo!

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