Do You Need A New Roof And Windows? Find Out Now

windows replacement for home

There are things we cannot wait to refresh or update, and then there are things we absolutely dread replacing. Such is the situation with the roof and windows. Changing them is not only a pretty frustrating endeavor but also a costly one. If you consider windows replacement for home, as well as getting a new roof, then you might want to be sure you have to.

In order to help you figure that out, we’ve prepared 3 questions for you. If you answer yes to any of them, you may need to change your roof or your windows or even both! Check them out below!

Answer the Questions Below To Figure Out If You Need A New Roof Or New Windows For Your House

1) Are your windows efficient?

Windows, regardless of the material and quality they’re made of, do age. Eventually, they become inefficient and need replacing. One of the easiest ways you can see this is if you live in a cold place or if you live somewhere where you have a cold season.

If it’s cold outside and the warm inside the house, you can test your windows for efficiency quite easy. Stay next to the window and move your hand around its edges. If you feel a cold draft, the window is compromised.

If you want to replace your windows and employ a team of professionals to do it, consider renewal by Andersen in Ann Arbor.

2) Is your roof in top shape or is it damaged?

Houses age differently depending on their geographic location. This means different houses exist in different types of climates. For example, a house in San Francisco will age differently than a house in Los Angeles. Both of these houses will age very differently from a house in Canada for example. However, it’s the house that’s situated in a humid and salty area that will need a new roof first.

Either way, if your roof happens to be damaged from the weather, you will have to fix it as soon as possible. Any damages to the roof, regardless of the area you live in, can quickly extend and become huge problems if you don’t address them quickly.

Of course, you don’t have to change the entire roof. If the damage is small, simply patch the area up. However, if the damage happens to be severe, you have to change the entire roof. Considerable roof damage most likely means the structure of it is compromised as well. This means the roof can collapse, which is a dangerous situation.

3) Is Your Roof Too Old Already?

Sometimes, due to various reasons, roofs age faster than predicted. They simply wear out. Sure, the warranty certificate claims your roof will resist up to 30 years. But as we said, there are factors that can wear out your roof a lot faster!

Worn out roofs look bad. And a bad-looking roof will make your house appear dirty, unkempt and uninviting. This can be a bad thing for you for at least two reasons. One, your curb appeal lowers, and two, it will be more difficult to sell your house at a good price, should you want to sell.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might want to consider replacing either your roof, windows or both. However, before you shake hands with a contractor, make sure you study the market first. There are a lot of contractors out there, but you should only work with licensed ones.

All things considered, roof and windows replacement can be very costly. However, if done right, these things will help insulate your home and protect it from bad weather. So, in the long run, you will save money.

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