Why You Need To Send Secure Messages

sending secure messages

Today’s world sees millions upon billions or even trillions of messages sent online via email, online messengers, and other forms of online communication. However, if you pay any attention at all, it’s not a very secure form of communication, is it? Emails and servers are hacked every single day. The thing people need today is a message that practically self-destructs after the intended recipient sees it.

secure messagesLuckily, SpyShakers has the solution at hand for anyone needing to send a secure message to one person in particular that disappears once the recipient has read it. It’s a one-time message sent as a link so that the actual communication is not present in the email itself, which reduces security risks.

There are many reasons why you may want to use this service that allows only one view of the message before it disappears forever. The privacy that it offers when accounts are hacked every day is wonderful for one thing. The certified messages are encrypted and once it’s seen by the recipient, it logs the IP address of anyone who tries to read it afterward.

In that respect, it can confirm whether or not someone is spying on you and reading your messages. SpyShakers is a great way to keep things secret. You don’t even have to have an account so it’s anonymous. The whole setup is incredibly easy to use for pretty much anyone who knows how to use a computer and get on the Internet.

Even if you aren’t concerned with security problems, certified messages can be a fun way to communicate with friends. Who hasn’t seen a movie where a message will self-destruct after it’s been read? Now you can send those messages yourself, though the message disappears rather than explodes! It’s a great way to keep any communications out of your email inbox where hackers and snoops might see it. Surprise parties, for example, would benefit from this service because it allows people to plan the party without the birthday boy or girl being able to read the emails!

If you think this might be useful for business, it definitely can be if you’re concerned about security. In fact, they will even offer a self-hosted version (on your own server) for $20 a month that you can get your employees to use. All you have to do is sign up so they can notify you when they have the system ready to go.

Today it is too easy for people to read your emails and instant messaging because they remain in existence on servers long after you’ve read them. SpyShakers allows you to circumvent those risks by destroying the messages after the recipient reads them.

No matter what reason you need certified messages, SpyShakers has you covered through their website or the soon to be offered self-hosted certified messaging systems. Harness the power of technology to keep all your communications as private as possible by destroying the message upon receipt.

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