Why You Need A Samsung Galaxy S5 Tempered Glass Screen Protector From SmartShield Too

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I had a Samsung Galaxy S5 that I received as a Christmas gift and this time around, I decided to purchase a screen protector so that my phone will last. Let me explain first that I am extremely accident-prone and I have a four-year-old, very hyperactive son. That being said, my previous phones never lasted very long. I’ve had phones thrown, dropped, kicked, even accidentally run over by a car tire.

Don’t even know how it happened and why I neglected to buy a tempered glass screen protector before (had one of those plastic film ones) but I guess by now I’ve learned my lesson. My last phone received the worst of the brunt, it actually slipped right out of my hands and fell on the pavement face down as I walked to work one morning. Of course, no screen protector (silly me) and the entire screen was cracked, even little pieces of glass were loose.

The good thing is that the screen was still functional. Now after asking around, the cost of replacing the screen alone was astronomical. It would make more sense to purchase a new phone. So because I could not afford one at the time, I did the next best thing, I bought a screen protector to hold in the remaining glass and protect my fingers from the splinters, I don’t think this is the recommended purpose but my options were limited.

The one I bought was the Smart Shield S5 Tempered Glass Screen Protector. I got it from Smart-Shield.co.uk. The protector was relatively easy to apply, even with my not so steady hands, and thankfully, I didn’t get any bubbles while putting it on, even though the screen was already damaged. I would honestly recommend this product to everyone I know and wish I had used it sooner.

It’s a really good quality, feels like another screen and it’s very thick in comparison to other screen protectors I’ve seen. There are hardly any smudges on the screen and the visibility is very clear, even though I still have the giant crack. Now cut to the present day when I have a new phone, a Samsung Galaxy S6 (my Christmas gift from my husband), the first accessory I purchased, of course, is the screen protector. I have tried to be more careful with this phone but alas, my clumsiness never fails me.

I have dropped it so many times that I have lost count. It has been subjected to the regular ill-treatment from my son, who has even thrown it from our moving car on one occasion in a fit of anger. Thank goodness for the screen protector, there is still not a scratch on the screen.

My phone still looks brand new thanks to the anti-scratching and anti-shattering features. These tempered glass screen protectors are the best and make the plastic film ones look like a joke. It fits my phone perfectly and doesn’t interfere with the functionality. This is the best purchase I’ve made for my phone and at a cost of £4.99, it is excellent value for money.

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