Why Moissanite Engagement Rings Are Better Than Diamond Rings

When searching for an engagement ring, one must keep monetary expectations in mind; Moissanite helps you do that. For many people a ring is important, but a great deal on that ring is even more important. As diamond alternatives have become more prevalent, they have begun to rapidly leap in quality. In some aspects, they even beat the real thing! Stow away any preconceived notions of a cheap, inferior product. These artificial gems will make any diamond owner jealous.

Moissanite: The Superior Diamond

Women are supposedly very fond of diamonds. But scientists aren’t fond of diamonds. Why? Because you can’t create a diamond in the laboratory. These rare gems are torn from deep within the Earth and are then transported thousands of miles to be properly shaped and sold. This contributes to their ludicrous cost of thousands of dollars per carat.

So, are you a person fond of diamonds, but not their price? Fond of the brilliant, radiating stone placed atop your ring? Fond of that incredibly hard, transparent, durable gem that will last a lifetime? Thankfully, you can get all of that and more, without the diamonds.

Under Pressure

Moissanite is the name for naturally occurring silicon carbide. Yes, Moissanite is natural. Just like a diamond. But unlike a diamond, these can be created in the laboratory. This contributes to their ridiculous price, nearly one-tenth of a diamond’s. Additionally, Moissanite has so many of the same properties as diamonds, that they can be quite difficult to tell apart.

But it’s still just another cheap rock, right? Think again. Moissanite can withstand more than half a million times the atmospheric pressure of the Earth, a whopping 52.1 gigapascals. That’s several hundred times the pressure experienced at the deepest point in Earth’s seas, Mariana’s trench! Moissanite can take quite the beating with that kind of strength, and look great while doing it, which is why it is the perfect gem for the most beautiful engagement rings.

The Reveal

But you’re afraid. Eventually, your friends will ask to see the ring. Will you be forced to extend your arm and expose a dull, lackluster gem? Well, if you think a diamond shines bright, a Moissanite may give you a sunburn. Light travels slower through Moissanite than through a diamond, creating the brilliant, sparkling effect.

Not only are Moissanites brighter, but they also spread the light over a greater distance. This light dispersion is known as the gem’s “fire”, and a Moissanite’s fire burns over twice as bright as those of diamonds. Moissanites not only carry these properties from the lab to the store but from wedding until the funeral day. Many Moissanite retailers are aware of this astonishing longevity and will offer lifetime warranties for damages to the gem.

A Day for Matrimony, not Bankruptcy

At the end of the day, weddings are about what’s important to you. If expense, endurance, value, and aesthetics of your ring are important to you, a Moissanite engagement ring could be for you. A Moissanite gem may not be something you think about often, or perhaps you hadn’t even heard of them until now, but don’t let that fool you. Moissanite truly is the superior underdog to its hyper-advertised alternatives. Don’t get sucked into the black hole that is the diamond industry. Instead, go with the gem whose best friend is your wallet.

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