Whiteboards And Their Uses – A New App You’ll Love

Most whiteboards are displays for information from a computer or projector. Students might be familiar with them in many classrooms across the country and it’s a great way to interact with information in a group setting. It’s not just relegated to a big board now though, because InConcept Labs have created a collaborative whiteboard app called LiveBoard.

It’s a real-time whiteboard app that makes it easy to take notes for any of your classes. Users can either keep their boards private for their own use or open it up to others who can see your progress in real time. Group projects can be made much easier if everyone uses this app and makes use of the in-app chat to bolster collaborative efforts.

It’s easy to see records of edits and the app boasts unlimited undo and redo capacity so you’ll always be able to fix mistakes. The greatest thing about this app is that it’s literally one click and away you go. No signs up are needed to begin using this great app and all its features.

No meetings can be had anywhere through using the LiveBoard app. That doesn’t mean it just has to be used for school or work. Be creative and doodle using the app. In fact, research suggests that drawing and doodling make ideas more tangible as it accesses portions of the brain that can’t be accessed verbally. Therefore doodling using LiveBoard RealTime Whiteboard can actually help your work and educational projects.

Whether you’re preserving the results of an awesome brainstorming or study session or using the chat feature to keep everyone in the loop for a group project. LiveBoard by InConcept Labs is the perfect tool for the job.

Collaborate live using their collaborative whiteboard app for work or school and then share the results of your creative side using social media and email. Share your thoughts in a new, visual way. Use LiveBoard and let your ideas become visual and take flight!

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