Where To Find The Right UK Cold Metal Repair Services

Cold welding joins two pieces of metal together without heating the metal. Rather, creating a vacuum can join similar pieces of metal together. The process is often used to repair cracks when welding would be impractical or too expensive. That way the metal is not stressed by heating it unduly.

Cold metal repair is often synonymous with metal stitching, which looks just like stitches a person might get in an emergency room. Items that have been split or cracked are good candidates for this process if it’s made of steel, aluminum, or cast iron. The process can be used industrially by repairing engine blocks, motors, pumps, and many other items.

Cold metal repair can be more efficient and stronger than any other repair technique. Cracks need to be sealed without making the metal weaker and ensuring that it will break again sooner than later. Instinctually someone might feel fusion is better but it really isn’t! The advantages to cold metal repair are as follows:

  • Most repairs can be done onsite. That saves the hassle of having to drop off and pick up the item being repaired.
  • No distortion of the equipment due to the application of heat. Fusion can often lead to later malfunction because the metal is no longer as strong as it once was.
  • Often the item repaired will be stronger than it was before. The stitching can be watertight if needed.
  • Quick repairs so equipment can be put back into use sooner. This is better than fusion because the heat would require a longer waiting time for the work to cool.

Getting a responsive service like the people at Onsite Metal Stitching is key to making sure repairs are done in a time efficient manner. Cracked or broken metal equipment can be repaired and be stronger than ever before. The advantages are clear for any business with broken equipment. For everything from bed frames to engine blocks, cold metal repair is the best bet.

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