Where To Find Royalty Free Music

If you’ve ever found yourself in need of using music in your projects, you’ve likely run into the confusing world of copyright law. It’s enough to give anyone a headache when they need to find just the right piece of music. Enter royalty free music, which in essence is when you purchase a license to use so designated royalty free and can use it the music as long as you like.

Now, this isn’t the same thing as stock music or rather not all stock music is royalty free music. Finding a website like MusicScreen is a godsend for those in search of just royalty free music rather than trawling through a mix of other license types.

The music on offer comes from pretty much every genre you can imagine, even Christmas music. Royalty free licenses can be for commercial use versus just buying the song on iTunes, which is designated for private use only.

Music Screen understands that students don’t always have the money to buy multiple royalty-free licenses for their projects and student films, so they’ve opened up their database for free to anyone currently studying. Even faculty can get in on it and use the music on their website for free. Add voiceovers or sound effects, whatever you want. Just make sure to use it within the specific licensing restrictions for that piece of work.

However, it should be noted that royalty free music is generally not free when it comes to public performances such as television or radio broadcast. Always check with the website you’re buying the music from as many will have fee scales for various public uses. Music Screen has a fee scale for everything from hold music to internationally distributed films.

It’s clear that the best place to find a variety of royalty free music is http://www.musicscreen.org. They’re flexible and can even adapt pieces to suit your production for a reasonable fee. Anyone in need of music for everything from exhibits to greeting cards can find something there and get an easy royalty-free license. Enjoy your music!

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