What You Should Know About Digital Currency – DigitalNote XDN

Digital currency is virtual money that you can use to buy goods and services. In recent years, use has exploded and more and more merchants are beginning to accept virtual currency in their stores online.

Because the currency does not belong to one specific country, it is not subject to the regulation and rules a normal paper currency would be operating under. Virtual currency is not beholden to any specific bank, and it is no longer just bitcoins anymore either.

So move over bitcoin, there are new digital currencies in town! Digital Note XDN is a cryptocurrency based on open source software, which means it’s virtual money protected by cryptography. That makes it far more difficult to counterfeit, which means your funds are more secure than other virtual currency types.

There is potential money to be made in mining for the currency, which requires some computer power to accomplish. It’s anonymous and uses peer-to-peer technology to transfer sums of Digital Note XDN, has no central authority, and claims it is ahead of bitcoin in usability and features.

It’s completely private too, which isn’t the case with standard banking institutions. Your bank account is your own business and no one else’s. One concern users might have is that mining for other currencies maxes out the CPU of whatever computer you’re using. This is not so with Digital Note XDN as they make sure it’s far more efficient.

Their block target times are 2.5 times faster than bitcoin too so you’ll be able to do more in less time. Digital Note XDN even promises a mobile client in the future so it’s the perfect alternative to bitcoin in pretty much every way.

Now more than ever people have reason to be wary of traditional banks, financial institutions, and paper currencies. This way you are in control of your digital wallet and can even help develop the open source software that lies at the heart of Digital Note XDN.

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