What You Need To Know About Booklet Printing

Booklet printing is a cost-effective way to communicate your ideas and brand to the world. Customers will respond to seeing that you’ve taken the time to provide a physical copy for them to peruse. It shows commitment to your business that is lacking in a purely digital world. Here are a few things you need to know before printing any booklet for your company:

1. Get Your Project Ready

Print companies will print almost anything. Companies like Jays Printing has printed various products such as catalogs, brochures, reports, newsletters, price lists, yearbooks, manuals, and magazines. However, you need to make sure whatever materials you have at hand for your project are ready and in whatever format the printer you select work with.

2. Find The Right Printer

It’s important to not just go for the lowest bid because you may get what you pay for. Instead, you should look for great customer service, print quality, and ability to exactly what you want. They should be able to also assure you that they can print your project on time without sacrificing quality.

A screw up at the printers due to miscommunication or the printer not being qualified enough to actually complete the project could cause unnecessary delays. It’s vital that you have confidence in the people producing your booklets (for example, Jays Printing) and that you can communicate clearly with them until the printing is complete.

3. Decide How You Want Your Booklets Bound

There are three main ways for booklets to be bound: wire, saddle stitch, and perfect bound. Saddle Stitch booklets are stapled on the spine to hold the pages together. It is the simplest and most economical choice since it is basically just stapled putting it together. Wire bound booklets are held together by coiled wire.

This is particularly good for manuals or cookbooks as it allows the booklet to easily stay open to a page for reference. Finally, Perfect Bound booklets are put together with a clue at the spine. This results in a flat spine that is very aesthetically pleasing.

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