What Is Steel Channel Used For?

steel channel

For versatility and durability in manufacturing, it’s hard to beat steel channels. The basic steel channel can vary in thickness and length. They might be shaped like a square C or have lips on either side of the cross-section. Steel channel beams can also have bolting holes or ridges added for increased strength. Regardless of the form, steel channel beams are used in a variety of applications. This article will detail a few examples below.

Vehicle Manufacturing

Vehicles often have steel channel frames. The material is flexible enough to deal with the engine torque but strong enough to keep everything in place. Industrial vehicles often utilize a steel channel system New Castle PA for dump trucks and other heavy-duty applications. Thinner steel channels can also be used as cross supports or bolting stations for components like gas pumps and radiators.

Wall Studs and Rafters

Instead of wooden studs, a steel channel can be used as structural support in buildings. Often warehouses, garages or workshops will opt for a steel channel frame over a wooden one. A steel channel framed facility will be rated for much higher weight support, but it is also more challenging to construct compared to wood.

Steel channels can also be used to replace wooden rafters. Since steel is so much stronger than wood, rafters can be much smaller. Steel is also resistant to rot and other problems that wooden structures face.

Inlaid Studs

Steel channel beams can be used in conjunction with wooden frames to benefit from easy installation and extra strength. In this method, wooden beams are inlaid into the steel channel. This allows components like rafters to be bolted into the wood while maintaining strong structural integrity.

Steel channel beams are an invaluable material in construction. They combine strength with relatively lightweight and flexibility for heavy-duty applications. Consider using steel channels for your next big construction project to ensure a solid and long-lasting structure.

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