What Is A Hosted Phone Service And How To Choose One

Businesses should always be looking for ways to increase profit margins down to the utilities they pay for. Most people would assume that saving money on phone lines boils down to just comparing packages with the phone company. However, that simply isn’t so. Another way to save money is to pay for a hosted phone service, particularly if your employees work a lot from home.

What is a hosted phone service? It’s a sort of clearinghouse for phone calls. When someone calls your assigned numbers, it forwards that call to phone lines you select. This enables employees to work at home and reduce paying costly rent each month for a commercial building. It also gives employees the flexibility of working from home where they’re comfortable and can also tend to their families rather than face a long commute that will cost them and you time where they could be working.

Businesses gain the advantages that a sophisticated phone system brings without spending a lot in time, installation, and equipment. Even cell phones can be linked up to the system, which is particularly advantageous for employees who frequently travel in pursuit of business. The bulk of the system lies in the cloud, which enables phone service for a business to be set up anywhere.

Sound like something your business would be interested in? One of the best-hosted phone services around is BroadConnect Telecom. They pride themselves on customization based on the individual needs and budget of the businesses they serve. They know the bottom line can be tight at times and business shouldn’t be saddled with features they don’t need. They operate around Pittsburgh and around the country, providing a private network for clients’ use wherever they happen to be.

The great part about the process of getting a hosted phone service through BroadConnect Telecom is that it doesn’t require investing in new equipment. Customers can trust that the network is fast and private so that they can handle calls from their clients from around the country. There are even fail-safes in place to ensure the network works as quickly as possible by rerouting calls or resetting the system entirely.

There’s no doubt that businesses can save up to 45% of what they would spend on a traditional phone service. It’s clear that the advantages of a hosted phone system make it far superior to what businesses use. Businesses should consider BroadConnect Telecom to make their workers more efficient and save money too.

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