3 Ways To Help Seniors Remain Independent

Sometimes it may seem easier to do things for our loved ones as they age, but it can be more beneficial to help seniors remain independent. These three tips can help your aging parent or other loved one retain independence.

1. Take Safety Precautions

One of the main causes of loss of independence for seniors is safety concerns. Falls and other accidents can result in extended hospital stays, permanent injury, or even death. It can be a good idea to have a professional evaluate your loved one’s home for safety hazards. Remove or modify anything that could be a tripping hazard. Install safety rails in stairways and hallways and grab bars in bathtubs and showers. You may also want to consider a medical monitoring device from a medical device company Maryland. These devices allow seniors to alert emergency personnel when they have suffered a fall or other health issues.

2. Keep Them Involved In Daily Activities

It can be easy for seniors to become disengaged from their lives when too many of their daily activities are done for them. Let them plan their own meals, do chores and shopping, and choose their own hobbies and entertainment. It is OK to help them out with tasks they are physically or mentally unable to perform but do not just do or hire someone to do everything for them if they can do it themselves.

3. Make Sure They Exercise

Exercise has many benefits, including keeping bones strong, reducing muscle loss, and maintaining health. Check with a doctor for recommendations before starting any exercise program. Look for activities your loved one may enjoy such as gardening or walking around the neighborhood.

Retaining some level of independence can be important for both length and quality of life for seniors. These three tips can help you maintain your loved one’s independence.

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