WakeUpBox – A Cool New Alarm Clock That Improves Your Sleep

In today’s hectic pace of life, a good night’s sleep is more important than ever for lifelong health and well-being. In fact, lack of sleep can be connected to some major health issues such as heart disease, obesity, and diabetes! Scary right? Conversely, the health benefits to getting enough sleep can mean increased function and a better you!

Major health benefits include:

  • Chronic Pain Relief – Sufferers from chronic pain diseases (such as fibromyalgia) have a 42-minute sleep debt each night and only 37% of those with chronic pain report good sleep. The factors inhibiting good sleep include problems with the sleeping environment, such as light and noise not conducive to sleep. It can even supplement pain medication!
  • Memory function & Clearer thinking – When we sleep, our brain takes the time to consolidate the memories we’ve gathered during the day. The less sleep a person gets, the less they’re able to remember and their thinking becomes fuzzy. However, with sleep comes clarity of mind and focus!
  • Weight Control – There is a direct link to maintaining weight and sleep with a direct connection to obesity through lack of sleep. When you’re tired, you simply don’t feel like going for a run or working out at the gym. Sleeping can only aid your diet!

How many hours of sleep should you get a night? The National Sleep Foundation says an adult should average 7-9 hours sleep. If that sounds like a lot, impossible even, don’t worry… There’s a solution to help you sleep!

WakeUpBox is the new alarm clock for you! It has plenty of features to get you to sleep and wake you up ready to face the day. Getting to sleep will be easy with awesome sleeping music featuring delta waves.

Delta Waves are a type of brain wave associated with the unconscious mind. They are present when you’re in the deepest of sleep and it’s when we produce melatonin, dopamine, human growth hormone, and serotonin. Listening to f delta wave music can induce the deepest possible relaxation. This will make you so relaxed that sleep is much easier to reach and it allows you to be refreshed overnight in a way you might not be otherwise!

WakeUpBox has another cool feature for when you need to wake up and it helps with waking up gently. No harsh wake ups here if you choose the imitate sunrise option. A gentle brightening of the screen to simulate the sun rising into the sky is much better, isn’t it? Of course, it is!

And when it comes to easy to wake up sounds, WakeUpBox has you covered there too! No harsh tones here, there are some great sounds to wake you up. With five different tones (from one gentle, two normal and two loud), none of them as harsh as that blaring “Oh no I have to get up to work” tone that normal alarms have.

The answer is simple. Use WakeUpBox for better rest, better health and a better you!

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