VadoVia – The iPad App For Travelers

Travel should be fun and easy right? While planning a vacation to a distant (or not so distant) location is fun when done ahead of the trip, there should always be a lively element of on the spot planning. Sound scary? Not really if you have VadoVia on your tablet or phone! In fact, you can both plan ahead and discover things on the fly with this app. The world has suddenly become a little easier to navigate on your next holiday.

It’s the only thing you need to open up a city for exploration. No need to carry heavy guidebooks around when you want to really get to know a city. There really is no other need for anything else when you go on vacation. Travel knowledgeably when you open up the map on the VadoVia app and discover:

  • Tours digitally recorded by fellow travelers. Tours can have any theme you can think of or might be interested in. The traveler can select stops for itineraries that other people can follow.
  • See what others think of places you want to visit, including ratings of those places. If the place is a tourist trap, you’re forewarned to avoid it and see something far more authentic.
  • Create your own tours and reviews for other travelers. Tailor the tours to your interest, put it on VadoVia for people of similar interests. Just as you’ve benefited from what’s already on the app, add to it for others to enjoy.
  • Send virtual postcards, update Facebook and Twitter. Save time and money on postage by doing everything digitally.
  • Connect with other travelers or choose to remain private.

This is truly a remarkable app because the information is crowd-sourced. That way, your travel is not influenced by marketing departments. It’s based on real information by real travelers. Allow yourself to truly immerse yourself in a city. Learn it as the locals know it. VadoVia can only grow with the information it’s given, so get out there and travel!

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