Types Of Commercial Security Systems

Reliable security is as necessary for a business as it is for a home. These are some ways Denver businesses can protect their property and the people they employ.


These are the most widespread commercial security systems Denver. They detect intrusion through sensors positioned near entry points that send signals to a control panel to sound an alarm. A dispatcher from an off-site monitoring station receives the alert and contacts the police. Authorized individuals can only gain access by de-activating the alarm with personal codes that convey their identity to the system provider.

Visual Surveillance Systems

These systems are especially useful in public retail stores, hospitals, banks and elevators. They have two main formats. One version digitally records images and transmits images across an internet protocol network. The other uses cameras to record and transmit images to external monitors. Both versions can help security professionals detect illegal activities while providing views of multiple areas simultaneously.

Elevator Communication

Many businesses rely on daily elevator usage to get employees to their offices. Aside from receiving regular maintenance, elevators should contain telephone or intercom systems that occupants can use to communicate duress or improper functioning.

Controlled Access

Personalized combinations of letters or numbers provided through encoded cards or keypunch pads are an easy way to deter unauthorized activity or potentially threatening visitors. Companies with many employees or large premises can use these systems to easily and efficiently track all activities.

Panic Alerts

Employee safety should be a prime concern of every employer. Panic buttons can discretely alert authorities about intruders that might endanger personal safety. Buttons must be readily accessible to employees while avoiding detection by others.

Environment Monitoring

Businesses can suffer physical, financial or even human losses from various stresses on their equipment and physical space. Security systems can use sensors to notify managers about critical equipment failures and environmental changes. These alerts are crucial because they can signify potentially devasting occurrences, including fires and floods, that require urgent intervention.

Data Security

With employees working remotely more than ever, the rise of issues like malware, phishing and denial of access violations increase the risk of cyber theft and system breakdowns. Cybersecurity training is essential for all employees. Software packages can detect suspicious activity before irreparable damage occurs. Many companies also turn to remote software security providers for cost-effective and diligent monitoring of their intellectual property.

Every business should do a periodic assessment of its security vulnerabilities as part of its standard operating procedure. It is also important to remember that security needs can change over time.

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  1. I like that you pointed out how a reliable security is necessary for a business as it is for a home. I was watching videos of store tours yesterday and I noticed how a lot of commercial establishments got various security systems installed. From what I gathered, it seems business owners asked commercial security systems services for those security measures.

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