Tunnel Bear – The Really Simple, Private VPN

The great thing about the modern world is the Internet. But do you have access to literally everything online? More and more companies, news outlets, and media sites are creating different sites for users according to their IP address’ country of residence. This is great for local, tailored content but so many people want more than that; they want access to everything.

For those people, content shouldn’t be restricted just because of what country they’re in; the worldwide internet should be truly worldwide in deed as well as in name. That’s where a VPN (Virtual Private Network) comes in. A VPN is an encrypted connection over a less secure network through a proxy server.

This, in turn, can mask your IP address and make it looks like your computer is accessing the internet from a different country, neatly avoiding any censorship It’s also useful if you want to access a site that is blocked to your region or if you’re traveling and want to access websites from your home country.

It has the added benefit that using a VPN can often make your browsing more private since it will mask your location and thus manage to avoid all the data collection websites do nowadays. For anyone who wants a more secure but open Internet, a VPN is just the ticket and TunnelBear provides an easy and private way to access the global worldwide web.

They’re so confident that people will love their easy to use VPN that they offer a free version for users to try. How easy is it? Literally, all you need to do is to download the TunnelBear widget, choose what country you want to tunnel to and click the button to turn it on. Then sit back and enjoy whatever websites you like, completely unrestricted.

Run out of your free data each month from using TunnelBear? TunnelBear gives people who promote the product on twitter a bonus of 1GB to use. Their paid plans are really reasonable too Users can pay $4.99 a month or pay $49.99 for the entire year.

For a private, unrestricted internet that anyone can use no matter what technical expertise they have, TunnelBear is really the best option. Now go and explore the unrestricted worldwide internet to your heart’s content!

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