Traveling To The Sardinian Coastline? Here’s What You Should Know

travel to Sardinia and experience the beautiful sea

Travel opens you up to a wider worldview. It’s exciting to see new things, exposing yourself to new sights, sounds, and smells. There are many places you could go, depending on your interests. It might be hard to decide just where your next holiday should be. Thankfully, there are bloggers who will give valuable and practical advice about the hotspots of the world.

One such blog is, which makes visiting Sardinia sound amazing. They focus on an area known as Alghero, writing about all aspects of the area.

Alghero is located in northwest Sardinia along the Mediterranean. If you envision turquoise waters, warm weather, and great food, Alghero is the place to go. 44,000 inhabitants call Alghero their home and you can too for as long as you like on your next vacation. The main sights in town include Alghero Cathedral, which dates from 1570, and Neptune’s Grotto, a cave first discovered in the 1800s.

The area has been settled for centuries and ancient archaeological sites in the area include those of Roman and Phoenician origin. The blog Ingiroperilmondo feels the town has retained its Catalan charm throughout the years.

Ingiroperilmondo loves the beaches of Alghero, stating that they are some of the most scenic and beautiful in the whole world. For example, Lazzaretto has wonderful cliffs, white sand, and clear water. Maria Pia is more popular with tourists, however, as it has a lot of places to picnic and is surrounded by trees.

For those interested in having shops and restaurants nearby, then they should visit the beach called Punta Negra. For families, there is the beach of Le Bombarde, which has restaurants, shops, and playgrounds for the kids. It also is easily accessible by bus from the town center.

No town is without its events that draw in tourists and Alghero has many for visitors to enjoy. For those in search of culinary adventure, Ingiroperilmondo advises you visit during the Sea Urchin Festival, which is a local delicacy. The Festa di San Michele is the local religious festival, which many tourists enjoy.

There is always a great time to be had during New Years in town when the restaurants and bars explode with energy. Finally, the Alghero Beer Festival is when local vineyards open their doors for free samples of the area’s beer and wine.

Every visit to Alghero should start with a visit to the historic center of town by retracing the steps of the ancient city wall. Inside the Porta Terra, there is even an informational display for you to peruse. Ingiroperilmondo advises that you do not leave town without enjoying the local seafood: Catalan Lobster and Sea Urchins.

The center of the town also has a great variety of shops so that you will find the perfect souvenirs. In short, enjoying Alghero will be all the sweeter when you take up the suggestions that this blog gives you. Travel the world and experience all it has to offer by visiting Alghero, on the Sardinian coast.


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