Travel Tips For Igatpuri, India

Igatapuri is a leisure and tourist town located close to Mumbai. The town is located in the Nashik District of Maharashtra, a state in India. The town has a total population of about 31,572 people based on the 2001 census and has a total area of 6 square miles which translates to 15 km2. The town uses a time zone of UTC +5:30.

The town is popular for its very beautiful scenic surroundings as well as Idlis and Wadapao which vendors sell to commuters who usually travel through the city by train. The distance of the town from Mumbai is about 130 km. The town is easily accessible by road and by train. The town also features a lot of green mountains and waterfalls. Igatpuri is 140 km away from the International Airport in Mumbai.

Igatpuri has a lot of attractions including the Randha Falls, Ghoti town which is very close to Igatpuri and has a lot of rice mills that produce tasty and fragrant rice. Other attractions in Igatpuri include Bhadardara Lake, camel valley and Umbrella falls. The town has a series of hotels, boutiques and luxurious villas that you could lodge in, anytime you are in the town.

Some of these hotels include Dew Drops Boutique Retreat, Hotel Ashwin which serves only vegetable food, Rainforest Resort, Igatpuri, Govinda Hill Resort, Ganaka Motel, Hotel Comfort Inn and Manas Resort Igatpuri amongst many others. These hotels offer a lot of affordable and top of the line VIP services. Most of the hotels are within the town and very close to bus stands and railway stations.

The town is a major tourist and leisure destination and offers a lot of scenic views that tourists do come around to enjoy. The town also offers a lot of delicacies which you may stroll out to eat or order at your hotel. The major activity that you can carry out in Igatpuri is to drive around and feed your eyes with the beautiful natural environment of the own. You could also visit a lot of major site attractions in the town which include:

Arthur Lake

The Lake which is located a few kilometers from Igatpuri is a placid and huge lake which looks like a large jewel in the middle of the green dense region.

Amruteshwar Temple

The temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva was constructed in the 11th Century. Surrounding the temple is the highest mountain in Maharashtra known as the Mount Kalsubai and very nice looking fields which are very green. The temple can be accessed by a boat ride on the popular Arthur Lake or by road.

Bhatsa River Valley

This river valley is located at the bottom of ThalGhat which is about 50 km away from Dewdrops Boutique Retreat. The valley has nice vegetation and is located at the Majestic Bhatsa River’s basin.

Kalsubai Peak

The Kalsubai peak is the highest peak around the Sahyadri region and is located 35 km away from Igatpuri.

To sum it all up, these are some essential travel tips for Igatpuri, India – a place that will surely mesmerize you right from the beginning. Other sites worth visiting in Igatpuri include the Ghatandevi Temple, Tringalwadi Fort, DhammaGiri Meditation Centre, the camel valley and Baba Ji’s.


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