Top Skincare Trends of 2015

Every beauty blog will show that pretty much everyone has bad skin days. Some people even extend that calamity into weeks and months. Don’t put up with bad skin anymore because the modern world has tons of different solutions at hand for even the worst skin. It’s all about you and helping you present a confident, beautiful you right? Well, it all starts with the quality of your skin.

2015 will be the year of good skin (for you and everyone you know, because you’re going to share this with everyone right?) and soon you’ll know just how to reach that blessed quality of glowing skin that your favorite beauty blog aspires to. Here are some of the top skin care trends for 2015 for a more beautiful you:

1. Face Masks

Devices are really coming into play in order to get nice skin. Cleansing electronic face masks, leading the way in skincare innovation, are available in many stores now for consumers to buy. Lotions and skin cleansers are also being created in order to be used in conjunction with the new face masks. Anti-aging and acne reducing masks are all the rage. There is an electronic face mask to be had at pretty much any price point.

2. Beauty Apps

What would a girl on the go do without apps for every occasion? There are now apps that can analyze skin types, including ones like Sephora’s Skin Care IQ as well as Klara which can send pictures of your skin to dermatologists to diagnose! For those needing help with makeup, don’t worry. L’Oreal’s Make Up Genius app is amazing for the girl in need of a little cosmetic help.

3. Science

Personalization to your skin type will become a major player in a person’s beauty regimen. DNA testing and picture analysis are going to provide detailed skin care diagnostics for a variety of skin problems. Science can identify the problem and then suggest solutions perfectly tailored to your own unique beauty. How cool is that? There’s a perfect skin care solution for everyone, no matter the issues a person has with the quality of their skin.

Cosmetics, skin care, and hair care can be a minefield if you don’t know what to look for or even what looks best on you. Armed with the knowledge in makeup, skin care, and hair care gleaned from your favorite beauty blog, you can be the beautiful you that you always wanted to be.

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