Top Cougar Dating Tips for Cubs and Cougars

cougar dating

There are quite a few benefits for older women and younger men to date each other. Older women provide a lifetime of experience, sexual and otherwise, and younger men supply stamina as well as youthful joie de vivre. Whether a real relationship is desired or just a little fun, the key thing that both partners need to practice is flexibility and openness. Not all women are on the hunt for a relationship, after all, but it’s best, to begin with, clear communication about what your cougar or cub really wants out of this.

Tips For the Cougars

  • Don’t discount the mileage you’ve put on through the years. Cubs are attracted to the confidence that life experience brings. So enjoy the fruits of your labor and the experiences you’ve had. They will too.
  • Keep it light when it comes to pressure. That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t communicate exactly what you want but most cubs aren’t going to want any relationship pressure at all. That’s where communicating what you both want at the beginning is important. Keep it light and it keeps it hot.
  • Enjoy being in the driving seat of the relationship. Younger men looking for a cougar can be led so much easier when it comes to every facet of your time together. In the end, you can both get a lot of fun out of the older woman being in control.

Tips For the Cubs

  • Enjoy the thrill of the chase, whether you’re hunting or you’re the hunted. Top of the line cougars can take their pick of young cubs, so your pickup line game has to be strong.
  • Be flexible to her intimacy needs. Most cougars are after you for a good time so keeping their interest means all guns blazing. Foreplay isn’t a dirty word and keeping up the effort to keep things hot will be appreciated.

Where to Find Either: Cougar Dating Sites

Cub or cougar, finding that great cougar date isn’t limited to who happens to be at the neighborhood bar or club Saturday night. Thanks to the great World Wide Web, dating has gone digital…but what cougar dating site is right for you? There are tons of them out there and to get the best experience, you need to figure out which one is legit and ready to help you with a new dating life.

Cougar Dating Sites has taken the Internet’s premier cougar dating sites and distilled them into compact reviews of each site based on the criteria that you are looking for when it comes to cougar dating. The site focuses on making sure the dating websites are the most reliable for your purposes. Current number one review is for Older Women Dating because of its professionalism and flexibility no matter whether you want a bit of fun or a full on relationship.

Dating websites are so much more efficient when it comes to dating. Everyone has a profile stating what they want and there’s none of the awkwardness of finding that out like there are when you go hunting for cubs in bars.

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