Top 5 Online Jobs For Working Online At Home

There are tons of reasons to make a little cash online. Maybe you’re a college student in need of a little pocket money or a stay at home mom with some downtime at naptime who needs help making ends meet. You might even be housebound and working at home is necessary to survive. Tired of the rat race and always doing the same thing every day? No matter the reason you need to work for extra money, here’s a great new place to make some:

Damongo is a micro job site that offers tasks costing consumers $5, $10, $20, and $50. What’s a micro job? It’s a temporary task booked through the internet in all sorts of different fields, from graphic design to writing to programming. You can even be a virtual assistant online for clients in need of one. The things you can do for potential clients is only restricted by client needs.  Here’s how to do it:

1. Create a gig or job, you’re willing to do for $5 or more. If you’re a graphic designer, you could offer to design a flyer or a business card or if you’re a writer, you can offer to write 500 words. You can even offer to write a poem! If you can do it, consider offering to do it for other people.

2. Share your new job offer on social media. Let everyone know to come to Damongo because you’ve decided to work for yourself. Ask for all your friends to share and re-tweet the link to reach even more people. Make all the connections you can in order to market to new people.

3. Clients can search the site for someone willing to help them. Business owners and people in need of content, in need of anything really, can find the help they need with no problem at all. Damongo works for you to connect those clients to the jobs you’re willing to do. Once you’re notified that they’ve selected you to do work for them, you can work with the client to achieve their goals in the time period agreed.

4. Once you deliver what you promised the client and the client is happy, the fee can be credited to your account. There’s a small commission per transaction (15%) but the bulk comes to you via PayPal as a reward for all your work. It’s convenient and perfect because it allows you to pick when and where you want to work. What could be better?

The freedom is endless and there’s always a way to earn a little spare cash online. No matter what talents you possess, the new internet sensation of micro jobs can make use of those talents. No two days of your working life will ever be the same again now that you’ve made the decision to use Damongo for work. Enjoy your new jobs and take advantage of the flexibility you now have. Good luck and have fun!

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