Top 3 Best Microsoft Tools For Businesses

best Microsoft tools for businesses

Microsoft is a computer company with a variety of programs that can help businesses and individuals alike. Word has to be one of Microsoft’s most famous programs that most everyone knows how to use. However, the company has branched off much more in its decades of business. In doing so, they have created programs specifically for businesses to make running every aspect of your company easier. Here are our top 3 best Microsoft tools for businesses:

MCA Connect

The MCA Connect service does a variety of important tasks. These include implementation services, change management, process improvement, manufacturing excellence, and more. However, these words and titles on their own, while listed on their website, don’t necessarily mean much on their own. To put it in simple terms, one of MCA Connect’s best services is its data analysis.

Any company that works online or that digitalizes paperwork will have a lot of data to sift through. Going through all of that data manually can take ages and can also be tedious. Investing in MCA Connect can help to automate that process, which can free up employees to work on more pressing matters.

Microsoft 365

As mentioned earlier, Word is probably one of Microsoft’s most famous and user-friendly programs. Any business that has to type up anything is sure to get some use out of it. Did you know that Word and several other Microsoft programs are bundled together in Microsoft 365? Some of the other popular programs in this package include Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams, Outlook (email), OneDrive (cloud storage), and more. With so much work, and even school, being done online, these programs are essential.


While Microsoft’s name isn’t on Skype, Microsoft has owned Skype since 2011. During the 2020 Coronavirus crisis, people have turned to video-chatting as a way of staying connected with each other. Skype has been one of the most popular video-chatting services during this time. It’s really no mystery as to why this is, as it can be used between friends, classmates, and employees.

If your business cannot meet in person for whatever reason, or if you simply have an employee or two who work remotely, your business can use Skype to connect with them. Talking in person, even if it is on a screen, is a much more efficient way of communicating when compared to emailing; this is because it’s much easier to understand tone. Avoiding misunderstandings is one great way to avoid trouble in the workplace.

If you are a fan of automating and simplifying tasks with the aim of improving your business’s productivity, then put the 3 best Microsoft tools for businesses to use right away!

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