Tips To Keep Employees Safe On The Road

Businesses whose employees have to drive as a part of their regular job duties have to be mindful about promoting safe driving practices. They want their drivers to avoid harm, and they want to prevent accidents that could result in costly liability. Furthermore, companies who provide vehicles for their employees to use need to be proactive about damage to vehicles while also keeping insurance rates low. There are a few things that companies can do to minimize the risk of their employees being involved in an accident.

Use Good Hiring Practices

It is essential that businesses perform a pre-employment driving record check before onboarding a new employee. This key screening tool is a helpful way to verify that people are safe drivers and don’t have a worrisome history of getting into accidents. Skipping this important step could subject a company to liability for negligent hiring practices.

Create A Policy About Cell Phone Use

Hands-free use of a phone while driving is permissible in some states, but it is generally never a good idea for people to have their phones in their hands while they are driving. A formal cell-phone policy stating that employees cannot use their phones while driving puts a strong emphasis on the importance of avoiding distraction. This type of policy may be part of an employee handbook or a standalone policy.

Train Drivers

Even if someone has been driving for decades, some additional education about driver safety may be very beneficial. It reinforces some of the most vital things that people need to do to avert accidents. This type of training can take place on the road, and there are also effective programs that employees can complete online.

Working to promote safe driving is good for businesses and it helps to protect employees. Some simple but effective measures to keep people safe are well worth the effort.

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