Tips On Dealing With Life When Therapy Is Too Expensive

Truthfully, for some of us, therapy is expensive. If this rings true to you, then surely you must have asked a therapist once for the price of a session. Instead of getting excited about the opportunity, your forehead wrinkled while you pondered all the things you could buy with that money instead.

This is obviously a delicate dilemma to find yourself in because it’s not just the price of one session, it’s the price of ten, twenty, sixty sessions – who knows how long the process can take? Because usually, therapy sessions are not extremely impactful unless you keep the process going on for a long enough period of time so that healing and breakthrough can happen. And that is because psychotherapy is a process that takes time.

On one hand, people tend to freeze over the price of a session, four times a month. But, when you weigh the benefits, long term, you might find that the price is beyond reasonable. However, they cannot afford the investment. So what can you do? Well, luckily for you, below are some tips for you on how to deal with life when you can’t afford therapy.

1. Get Out Of Your Head

This first one might sound a bit shocking since common sense would tell you that you should spend time in your head in order to get to the bottom of it. Yet, a lot of people are depressed exactly because they spend too much time in their own head, with their own thoughts and feelings and fears. This might not be the best thing you can do for yourself because you are likely to spend time listening to an inner dialogue that is about criticism and judgment.

2. Take Off Your Mask

Most of the time people wear a mask when interacting with each other, and sometimes, even with themselves. In other words, they live within a false reality, unable to be authentic about what they desire and need. They hide behind a mask and do not reveal their true self because they fear rejection, abandonment and seek other people’s approval.

This way of functioning proves costly in the long term as it increases the inner conflicts, lowers the self-esteem and makes you feel uncomfortable. For these reasons alone, you should consider starting to be authentic with yourself and others. Stop giving your power to fear and become who you are.

3. Observe, Learn And Let Go

A dear friend of mine once told me during an anxiety episode that I should stop clinging to the anxiety that I was experiencing. At first, my impulse was to scream at him that I’m not clinging to anxiety, but trying to escape it. But, I didn’t. Instead, I kept my mouth shut as his words echoed inside of me. How right he was. Somehow, I was clinging to it, by trying to escape it.

Since then, I no longer experienced anxiety episodes that I could not overcome. I welcome them, observe them, learn the message they are trying to deliver and then let go. Emotions are designed to teach us something, to deliver a message. There’s no point in holding onto them. Simply observe, learn and let go and follow some wellness advice!

To sum up, there are many experiences that make living inside this human skin uncomfortable and at times, scary. But we should learn from our bodies just as eagerly as we learn from Gurus and Masters of the spiritual. There are lessons everywhere. We should just listen, observe, and let go.

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