Replacement Windows: How Do You Know When It’s Time?

How to tell when it's time to consider replacement windows

While your house may not be able to talk to you like a person, it definitely communicates. It does so through all kinds of signs. For example, the windows of a home are very communicative. They can say a lot about a house – especially if it’s time you considered replacement windows.

Replacing your windows is an expensive thing. Thankfully, it’s not something people do often. They are designed to last a long time. However, the amount of time windows last differs from house to house. There are a lot of factors at play. The most important one is climate. For example, windows in a coastal city will age faster than windows in a non-coastal city.

Nevertheless. if your windows are more than a couple of decades old, start paying attention. In order to help you learn what to look for, check out the article we’ve prepared below!

Replacement Windows: 3 Sings That Tell You It’s Time To Get New Ones

#1: Your windows are broken, warped or simply damaged

Of all the reasons people consider replacement windows, this one is the most popular. Broken, warped and damaged windows are also textbook signs that they’ve outlived their purpose. However, simply replacing your windows won’t do. You will need to find professionals, such as A2 Home Pros, located in Ann Arbor Michigan.

By employing reliable and fully licensed professionals you can rest assured that your new windows will be properly installed. You won’t have any unpleasant surprises afterward. With more than 15 years of experience, A2 Home Pros is a company you can definitely count on!

#2: There is an air draft around your windows

A second and quite important reason why people replace their old windows with new ones is money. Simply put, old windows are not energy efficient. This leads to heat loss which only makes the energy bill go up.

Drafty windows can increase your energy bill by up to 30%. This is a lot of wasted money. You can test your windows for air drafts by placing your palm around the edge of the window. This test only works if the weather outside is cold. If you feel a cool breeze, then your windows are not doing their job.

#3: Your windows were damaged after extreme weather

Unfortunately, in certain areas, extreme weather is a common occurrence. From hurricanes to tornadoes, bad weather can inflict a lot of damage to houses. The most vulnerable parts of a house during bad weather are its windows.

Of course, living in a bad weather area doesn’t mean you have to be prepared to change your windows after every storm. You can invest in windows made with more durable glass. There are different types of glass you can choose from. Some types are more resistant to sea salt and humidity, while others are more resistant to impact.

All things considered, replacing your windows is something you should think through. Investing in the right kind of windows and choosing the right type of glass is only half of it. The other half of successfully replacing your windows is choosing the right people for the job. Keep in mind, if your windows are drafty, broken or warped, it’s time to consider replacing them!

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