Things To Know Before Chartering A Bus

A charter bus, or motorcoach, can be reserved for large group trips. They are private and more flexible than other travel options. They can be chartered for a day or longer, depending on the trip. For example, if you want to do a tour of Galveston Island, you may search for Galveston Island bus service. However, you need to know a few things before chartering a bus.


Most charter buses have a capacity of 30-60 seats. However, a minibus may offer 18-25 seats. These smaller buses may be great options for small events, such as tours and weddings, while the larger buses may be better for large group activities, such as school, church or club trips.

In addition, a charter bus will have more conveniences, such as a restroom, luggage areas, and reclining seats, while a minibus may only have reclining seats. Larger charter and entertainment busses may also have sleeping quarters, kitchens, and satellite TV.

Food And Drinks

Food and drinks are typically allowed on charter buses but check with your bus company. Beverages are also typically allowed, and most busses allow adults to drink alcohol. However, you may be charged a deposit if you plan to drink on the bus.

Of course, courtesy is always appreciated. Therefore, consider avoiding smelly foods. Also, try not to bring messy foods because you may be charged cleaning fees for stains and spills.


Prior to booking your charter bus, you should ask about its electronics capabilities. For example, is WiFi provided and are outlets available for device recharging? In addition, your bus may offer TVs and DVD players, among other amenities.

Prohibited items

Most charter companies not allow pets, except service animals. They also prohibit some items. For example, do not bring flammable materials, chemicals and weapons onto the bus. In addition, smoking is not allowed.

If you plan to charter a bus, be sure you understand the rules and regulations before booking your trip.

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