3 Things To Consider Before Offering Home Delivery

delivery man carrying boxes on a street

It’s a busy world. People are juggling activities, work, and families. Sometimes that craziness means it’s hard to make it out to stores. In an attempt at time management, shoppers turn to easy online shopping. That doesn’t mean that customers don’t want to patronize a small store, though. It’s just that life makes it harder to do so.

By adding a delivery service, your business could be able to pick up more sales, catering to client needs. Clients could go online or call the shop, placing an order. Then, your driver brings it straight to them. When making this change, consider the following three things.

Know The Legal Requirements

Hopping into a car and dropping something off is a courtesy to shoppers; however, that now turns a personal vehicle into a commercial one. Speak with a lawyer and an insurance agent about any requirements for your state or region. You may have to alter policies as well. Speak with an insurer that specializes in artisan insurance Maitland FL, ensuring that you have the proper coverage.

Establish Rules

This modification should bring in revenue. That means the cost of the driver and gas shouldn’t outweigh how much you’re putting out. A balance is needed. Do some research. Determine an appropriate radius for drop-offs. Going too far out of your zone is going to guzzle gasoline. In addition, set a minimum on the purchase price. Someone may need to spend a certain amount to make the trip worth your while.

Train Drivers

The delivery service should reflect best business practices. These employees are an extension of your operation; thus, their attire, driving habits and demeanor should remain professional at all times. Spend time discussing expectations. How should we look and speak to buyers? What are the protocols for leaving merchandise? In addition, enforce best practices in the car such as following the speed limit and stopping at all lights.

A home delivery system may assist in remaining competitive. Be sure to think about the costs and educate staff about practices.

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