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The business world can be high stress and quick paced. The more a business grows, the more that needs to be delegated to ensure the owner can operate their business at peak efficiency. Its just good business practice to make sure everything that can be delegated is delegated.

Receptionists often bear the brunt of coordinating everything from meeting room reservations to how much food the cafeteria or kitchen makes for all those important meetings. Every day is another day to make sure all those balls remain in the air.

Finding times to arrange meetings with everyone from suppliers to new clients can be headache-inducing at times. Thankfully Copenhagen based Pronestor has developed a service that makes meetings so much easier for everyone involved.

Coordinating an entire business, no matter how large, takes a great deal of planning so Pronestor has found a way to make it much easier for everyone involved. They offer the following services:

  • Pronestor Display: Meeting planning and coordination solution and lets employees know what meetings are on.
  • Pronestor Room: Allows employees to book meeting rooms, workstations, and other facilities in any of a business’ offices around the world.
  • Pronestor Catering: Coordinate business kitchens and cafeterias to reduce waste based on when services are needed.
  • Pronestor Visitor: Allows a concise visitor management system and even allows a business to give visitors wifi access.

The entire system integrates with each other to better serve the purposes of each business and their needs. Receptionists will really enjoy all that Pronestor has to offer because it will make their jobs easier. They can be briefed on any important visitors and meetings using the system and then they can use it to order whatever catering services are needed that day.

The end result is that everyone will work more efficiently with less time and material waste than ever before. Something like that is worth every penny and Pronestor makes sure that any business using their service gets their money’s worth.

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