Taking The Next DOT Physical: Here’s What Every Driver Should Know

There are a lot of commericial drivers in the USA. Estimates say that number is around 3.5 million. That number is huge. It’s also the reason why we decided to write about what to expect when taking the next DOT physical.

As you know by now, it is a part of the job for many commercial drivers across the United States. However, it’s more than just a routine check. It’s an important exam. With 3.5 million drivers around all the time, making sure you pass the test with flying colors is a matter of safety.

So, when the time comes for a new physical by the Department of Transportation, it is important to be familiar with a few key aspects of the situation. Don’t be nervous or concerned unnecessarily, but remain up to date on the requirements and processes involved. The following tips will provide most of the relevant details.

Taking The Next DOT Physical: Here’s What You Should Know

Here’s What to Expect During Your Physical

The stated goal of regular medical checks is safety. This safety is ensure by keeping an eye on the physical and medical status of drivers on the roads of America. There are a few common procedures all people should expect when going in for a DOT physical Corpus Christi TX. The process will most likely include a check of vision and hearing. Then, you will have to get your blood tested. Doctors will analyze your blood for problems including high blood pressure and other risk factors. Finally, the medical team will probably include a urine test to determine whether drugs or alcohol abuse is an issue.

Here’s What You Can Do to Get Ready

While most drivers are in good health, it’s absolutely normal to be nervous. Most of the time, you have nothing to be nervous about. Still, in order to make the physical exam go as smoothly and quickly as possible, it is important to be prepared by bringing a few things along to the appointment. These will including items such as personal medical history, a list of any medical devices currently in use and an inventory of all prescription or other drugs that you take at the time.

Here’s How Often You Should Expect to Be Tested

For the vast majority of commercial truck drivers, the physical exam will be required by federal law every two years. Upon positive completion of the appointment, the physician or doctor’s office will provide certification to the employer. However, in some cases, the amount of time that passes between exams is shorter.

As you can tell, a DOT physical is a big deal. Passing it means you get to do your job. Since we’re talking about commercial drivers, it is of paramount importance that their health is in top shape. Indeed, being a driver can be a tough task but it can also be a rewarding career. Keeping requirements like a DOT medical exam in mind will help be prepared for all that this life on the road has in store.

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