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How To Turn Anxiety Into Creativity And Feel Better

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we find ourselves in an emotional mess. It is simply one of the things in life we cannot avoid, no matter how hard we try, like taxes and such. As I was saying, there comes a time when we must turn our attention away from the outside world and take a long, long gaze within. What we choose to do next is a very important step. We can either help ourselves grow ... Read More »

How To Stop Buying So Much Junk

The Easter holidays are almost around the corner now, even though it feels like only yesterday we were singing carols around the Christmas tree. Still, spring is upon us with all its glorious sunshine and energy and so, we must prepare for another cheerful holiday. For most of us, this translates to switching off our rational mind and starting to buy a lot of useless things that we really don’t need. While consumerism seems to be the foundation of the ... Read More »

The Wonderful Benefits Of Hypnotherapy

When it comes to psychotherapy, there are countless forms on the market to choose from: psychoanalytic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, emotionally focused therapy, systemic familial therapy and so on. Also, there are other types of therapies that propose a holistic approach to health, such as acupuncture, massage or a nice session of aromatherapy. Regardless of the many types of therapy out there, I will be focusing in this article on hypnotherapy. As a former hypnotherapy client, I have experienced first-hand ... Read More »

Tips On Dealing With Life When Therapy Is Too Expensive

Truthfully, for some of us, therapy is expensive. If this rings true to you, then surely you must have asked a therapist once for the price of a session. Instead of getting excited about the opportunity, your forehead wrinkled while you pondered all the things you could buy with that money instead. This is obviously a delicate dilemma to find yourself in because it’s not just the price of one session, it’s the price of ten, twenty, sixty sessions – ... Read More »