Spot Trender – Professional Ad Pre-Testing With Fast Results

Coming up with a product or service that you know people will love is one thing, but getting it known, so people could actually buy it, is a totally different story. Of course, it all comes down to proper advertising, as you are most likely to say. Still, think about it for a second: There are so many types of advertising nowadays – cannot argue with this – how do you know which ad will, in fact, perform as you want it?

In order to solve this costly dilemma that business owners and companies have, Spot Trender was created. This cloud-based platform allows you to pre-test your commercials, so you can make the best advertising decisions.

What Is Spot Trender

Spot_Trender_colorlogoSpot Trender Snap! enables anyone to experience professional video testing methodologies and technology that Fortune 100 companies use. Just think of how it could benefit your business.

The potential of these innovative tools is amazing, to say the least. For better understanding, you can test a rough cut, storyboard or even the final version of your video and run it on Spot Trender in the morning. Then by the end of the day, you can receive results – that’s faster than 90% of all similar services that are currently available.

With Spot Trender you can test your video contents quickly and effectively. With the fast results you receive, you can proceed to make the necessary decisions, in a Snap!

Benefits Of Using Spot Trender

Spot Trender Snap is easier to use than you can imagine, it is so much faster and it is the better tool for content creators. To simplify, think of it like this: What used to take several months can now be done in mere hours, not to mention that you can save a lot of money. Spot Trender does all that and is up to 70% more affordable than its main competitors. That’s money in your pockets!

In addition to that, you can now test video contents, such as ads and trailers, at a fraction of the cost you might have initially taken into account – and Spot Trender does it up to 80% faster than the competition.

Spot Trender Is Easier To Use

The whole setup experience is incredibly easy. Rely on expertly-designed surveys to test your ads.

It Is Faster

It allows you to reach out to millions of highly targeted participants – nearby or around the world, the choice is entirely yours. Take some time off, work less, but produce more results with automated survey analysis.

As if this wasn’t enough already, you can use Spot Trender for free when you recruit your own panel through an email list or via social media.

In a Nutshell, Spot Trender Is Better

Well, simply because now you can learn how your audience feels about your video to the second, thanks to the Reaction Graphs. Furthermore, you can compare your video against your competition. Most importantly? You can do this quite discretely.

Spot Trender comes with world-class automated reporting features used by Fortune 100 brands. It is by far the best option you have when it comes to making sense of your data.

Who can benefit from Spot Trender

  • Charities can easily test their promotional videos to ensure that it is persuasive enough to determine viewers to volunteer and donate
  • Indie video content producers can test their trailers and receive results within a few hours
  • Crowdfunding projects can test their videos, in order to improve them and achieve maximum persuasion potential
  • Businesses and companies can test their advertising videos to increase audience likelihood to buy. They can also avoid accidentally offending people

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