Sparklers For Weddings – Add Some Pizazz To Your Special Day

sparklers for weddings make any reception memorable

Blowing bubbles and throwing rice is yesterday’s news. To add a unique element of excitement after the ‘I-do’s’ have been said, consider sparklers for weddings, they’re so much fun. Your photos will be nothing short of amazing and your guests will be sure to get a kick out of it. It’s a great way to light up the night for your main event.

Sparklers For All Tastes

Using sparklers for weddings is the new rage, they will add a touch of elegance to your special day. Sparklers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. You can select the sparklers that compliment your wedding décor or theme or suit your tastes and pocket. From the plain to neon colors, traditional thin stick-shaped, heart-shaped, long-stemmed, bottle sparklers for your champagne or selected liquor bottles, you name it, there are sparklers to suit a variety of needs.

Creative Uses of Sparklers For Weddings

There are so many ways you can use sparklers at your wedding. You can have your guests send you off from the church under a gorgeous, hand-held arch of sparklers. Some sparklers are just as beautiful unlit, they can be used as a part of your centerpieces, in nice decorative vases or jars.

Sparklers are an exciting way to present your guests with wine bottles at their tables, they can last about forty-five seconds each, which gives the servers enough time to deliver the bottles to your guests’ tables and just enough time for them to enjoy the fireworks.

You can swap the traditional cake topper for sparklers as well, making the cake the ultimate show stopper. Sparklers can be added to your guest keepsake package and there are a variety of creative, crafty ways they can be presented. You can do your own research or think outside the box to come up with great ideas for your wedding.

Elegant but Affordable

The idea of sparklers for weddings does offer added benefits over some traditional décor elements. For starters, they give you bang for your buck. For an average wedding party of 150 guests, you can provide everyone with a sparkler for under $100. If you’re using it as décor for the backdrop of your photos or otherwise, you will need much less. Sparklers are the perfect way to add glitz and glamour without breaking the bank.

Using sparklers for weddings is a really creative idea and creates an unforgettable ambiance of celebration and excitement. Even though you only have a few brief moments to enjoy them, the exceptional memories created will last a lifetime. Wedding sparklers are not only fun but even though they are fireworks, they are relatively safe. Your guests will enjoy participating in creating a wonderful atmosphere for the occasion.

Make sure your venue will permit the use of fireworks and if you get the green light, you can start to plan your spectacular sparkler show. Save some space in your budget to use sparklers to exit your wedding in an epic way and start off your marriage with a glamorous bang. Just don’t forget to the matches or lighter.

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