So You Want To Become A Successful Freelancer – Here’s How

Everybody says they want to be their own boss and love what they do, but so many people don’t take the opportunity to do just that. Yet there are opportunities out there for almost every profession or industry to get some work freelance from a variety of clients.

The Internet has made that even easier but when jobs come from around the world, it can get pretty overwhelming at first! Here is some great information that you need to know in order to help you transition from working stiff to freelancer:

It’s a Growing Industry

Contractual workers are vital to any business because a company doesn’t have to expend a lot of money on a regular salary while still getting the jobs they need to be completed to suit their purposes. As companies have had to reduce staff, freelancers have become their saving grace.

The Internet has contributed to the popularity of using freelancers as a whole host of sites have cropped up aiming to connect the freelancer to the clients in need. One such site is Giant Gator, which is sort of like the Kayak of freelance aggregators. They put together results from the major freelance markets for your perusal and you can even sign up for email updates.

It Comes with Challenges

Putting your 9 to 5 job behind you might seem incredibly freeing but the structure a traditional job gives your day isn’t really there when it comes to freelance work. That means it’s up to you to make sure you’re working enough to make any significant earnings that you need to live. You’re also responsible for any expenses like a reliable computer, for example.

Working at home might seem like vacation enough but there is no benefits package that ensures you a number of sick and vacation days either. Be prepared to constantly work towards getting more business because when the paychecks end (and they will), you’re going to feel the pinch as your bank account dries up.

It’s All About Reputation

The first thing you need to do is start building a presence online in a few ways, like social media. That means making some sort of portfolio to present to clients directly or via your profile on various freelancing sites. Then once you start getting a few jobs, really work hard on making sure those clients are happy.

After all, reviews left on the internet can last forever so always make sure to do your very best and within deadline constraints. The better your initial reviews are, the sooner you’ll see an increase in clients contacting you for work. The thing to remember is to keep at things even when it seems like you’ll never get that first job.

It can be Hard but Rewarding

When you first start out, taking pretty much every job that comes along to you is a good idea. It will challenge you but will also enable you to have a well-rounded portfolio of work. New clients will almost always want to see examples of your work. It can be stressful to juggle so much but make a promise to yourself to start becoming a little more selective about what work you take on.

If you continue at the same pace, you’ll end up burned out and back into that 9 to 5 job before you know it. Sign up for email updates at GiantGator, and use their aggregator of freelance jobs to your advantage. That way you can still see the jobs that come up and you can pick and choose at will.

After all, that’s exactly why you’ve chosen the freelancer life. You want to take charge and live the life you choose for yourself. That comes down to the way you operate your business or what clients you take on work for. Now that you’re a freelancer, you’ll never have the same day twice because each job is so totally unique. The possibilities and opportunities are ripe for the taking!

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