Shelfie – Get Free And Discounted Ebooks Of Your Print Or Paper Books

Technology has opened up books in a world-changing way not seen since the invention of the printing press. It’s not just heavy paper books anymore. Now E-books bring all the joy of reading to cell phones, e-book readers, and tablets. There’s no reason to be without a story no matter where you want to read!

Of course, all the books you’ve bought lining your bookshelves might give cause for you to reason that you’ll have to buy new e-books for every title if you want them on your devices. Not so with Shelfie by BitLit, the new revolutionary app to bring your bookshelf into the 21st century.

How it works:

1. Download the Shelfie by BitLit app. Easy, right?

2. Take a Shelfie by taking a photo of your bookshelf. Make sure that there’s plenty of light and nothing is obscuring the book titles so that the app can see the volumes on the shelf.

3. The app will then let you know about which books are available for download and how much it will cost. Some titles can be bought for a discounted fee and others are free! Shelfie by BitLit prides itself on working towards partnerships with major and minor publishing houses in order to increase their database.

4. Claim your book by taking a picture of the cover and signing the copyright page. That way physical copies of books can’t be passed around and scanned in multiple times.

5. Shelfie by BitLit will email you your e-book so that you can download it to whatever device you want. Then read to your heart’s content!

There’s no need to lug around heavy books when you want to read but have things to do outside of your house. The paper copies can wait to be read at home and you’ll have your entire bookshelf in your pocket. The number of books available on Shelfie by Bitlit is increasing every day and it truly is the future of book consumption. Download Shelfie today!

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