Scuba Diving In Playa del Carmen – The Magic Begins Under Water

In the Caribbean, there’s only one place that should come to mind when one imagines diving: Playa Del Carmen. This fantastic city lies on the coast, in Mexico’s Southeastern state of Quintana Roo. The views above the water may attract thousands of tourists, and entice stars, such as David Guetta, to immigrate, but, it’s the wonderful scenery below the surf that will keep your heart forever floating in Playa Del Carmen.

Why Go Scuba Diving In Playa del Carmen?

Are you yet to discover scuba diving in Playa Del Carmen? If so, this is the perfect place to start. With underwater caves, alien forms of life and incredible geological formations, dipping underwater is more like using a teleporter. This will surely pique your interest in diving, and encourage you to explore other areas to scuba. Few companies will facilitate this transition as well as Diversity Diving.

This is because Diversity Diving is a team of trained professionals, who will help you learn the ropes of diving and make your first time a breeze. They also offer an array of beginner, intermediate and expert grade courses which will get you into the water easily—no matter your experience. When you begin diving, the vastness of the water, along with the vastness of activity, leaves an incalculable area to be explored. Every day brings something new in the underwater universe. Maybe you should start with Scuba for beginners in Playa del Carmen.

In the same location, at different points in time, one could find dozens of species of fish, crustaceans, sharks, sponges, squids, anemones, turtles and rays, among others. But, of course, you’ll want to dive in more than one place. Perhaps you’d even like to dive outside of the sea. Some companies may include such an option, diving in the Cenotes, or sinkholes that have exposed groundwater in them. Whether in a hole or in the sea, upon experiencing the thrill of diving, one can easily tell why this adventure is so sought-after. So make sure you ask about these things at the Playa del Carmen dive shop.

Who Goes Scuba Diving?

In short, almost the whole family can go. Some people avoid diving because they don’t think their children are allowed to. Yet, you could begin diving as early as 8. SSI (Scuba Schools International) offers a “Scuba Ranger” program for 8 to 12 year-olds, which takes place inside a pool. While becoming Scuba Rangers, kids may go diving during the nighttime or learn to take photographs underwater. PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), on the other hand, offers their “Seal Team” program for children as young as 8.

During this program, kids are given “AquaMissions” to complete, in a shallow pool. Don’t be fooled into thinking you must be a Spring chicken, either. In Jeju province, Korea lives a group of diving women, known as Haenyeo, who have dove deep at sea for a lifetime. The Haenyeo have existed for centuries in Jeju and used to dive primarily for sustenance. Some continue to do so even after five, six, seven decades of diving. So, don’t count yourself out just because you aren’t exactly a kid anymore, plenty of people your age enjoy the thrill of diving. This probably one of the many reasons why scuba diving in Playa del Carmen is so popular.

There are plenty of reasons people flock thousands of miles to Playa Del Carmen. One of them is certainly scuba diving. Though the culture and atmosphere of the city are wonderful, it can seem dull compared to the magic of paddling through a marine cosmos. Now that you know where to start, who can start, and how to start scuba diving, it’s time to give it a try.

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