Same Sex Marriage – The US Finally Does It Right. Congratulations To The American People!

Love is what keeps us alive, gives us hope, makes us happy and, ultimately, moves the world. Gay love? Straight (I always asked myself, why not curved? Who gives them the right?!) love? Throughout history, there were love stories and lovers that changed the world and helped shape societies. It is also the spiritual foundation of marriage, even though this sacramental institution was gradually degraded until, in most cases, it became something that resembles a business agreement, rather than a beacon of romantic bliss.

Even though ancient societies did not disapprove of gay men, quite, on the contrary, people have allowed themselves to be ruled into bigotry, thus turning gays into pariahs and, subsequently, into victims of intolerance, hatred and all monsters that find cozy homes in narrow minds.

Gay marriage?! Even the thought of it seemed next to impossible. Slowly, though, towards the end of the past century, some countries started to ease on the oppression of members of their respective LGBT communities up to the point where gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders were no longer outlaws. Social acceptance, however, is another thing, but this is likely to take more time.

At the very beginning of the new millennium, on April 1st, 2001, the Netherlands positively shocked the world by legalizing same-sex marriage and this is how things really started to change, on a global scale. Other European countries soon followed and more and more gays and lesbians were able to get married and have the same rights as heterosexual couples. There’s still much to be done in this regard in other European countries, but it’s only a matter of time until same-sex marriage is legal on the entire continent or so I hope.

Although shy at first, America followed the European model and Canada pioneered in legalizing gay marriage in July 2005. Now, the United States finally ‘joins the club’ – much to the joy and applause of the entire LGBT community, worldwide. Personally, I applaud the US People and can only hope that Romania will follow in your footsteps, at least in what regards same-sex marriage.

I won’t go into further detail about the nationwide legalization of gay marriage in the United States of America, because I wouldn’t be able to offer any other useful information. Nevertheless, I happened to read a blog post, written by Justin R. Bras, who was at the Supreme Court in Washington DC on June 26th, 2015 – a truly historic day, not only for the US but for the world. What a truly marvelous thing it must be to be able to walk the aisle with the man or woman you want to spend your life with!

I admit having devoured his account of that wonderful moment in time. The way he writes… it makes you feel like you are there, right at the center of the event; such a thrill! I encourage you all to read and share Justin’s personal-experience-post about the legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States of America. Feel the vibe of color, life, love!

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  1. Great point. I’m an attorney in NC, and there’s a (fairly lrabiel, or at least middle-of-the-road) judge in my district who, at least in abuse/neglect cases, occasionally requires a parent who is “living in sin” to marry his or her partner prior to regaining custody. I’ll have to ask him about this issue next time I see him.

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