How To Protect Your Business Website From Viruses And Hackers

protect your business website from hackers

If you’re interested in how to protect your business website, this post will definitely help you. As an online entrepreneur, I own several sites and I usually do all the hard work on my own. However, for this particular site, I needed some help, because I just didn’t have the time to take care of everything.

My first mistake was hiring a company off of Craigslist that I found randomly. Here’s a hint: NEVER do that if you want to protect your business website! Not only did they do terrible work, but they also have a horrible way of dealing with well-warranted complaints. They put a virus on my website as revenge that redirected my potential customers to a hacking website!

That sort of thing can ruin the reputation of a business as potential customers will spread the word about the danger of visiting my website. It might seem like a terrible situation, but thankfully I managed to find a solution.

I found a company called Tilden Tasks that managed to fix my website by getting rid of the virus. It is such a relief to know that any potential customers coming to my website will find it safe and sound as it should be. How did I find this great WordPress support firm? I found it via, a perfect solution for anyone. The first step to protect your business website is to check it out as well! is the go-to place for any of your WordPress needs. Business owners can go there with confidence and know that they don’t have to worry about getting hacked.

Tilden Tasks has amazing support for business owners. In fact, you get unlimited WordPress support when you sign up, so you can rely on knowing you have a team behind you. Professionals handle all of your web needs and quickly answer your emails. What is even better is the price points you can sign up for.

Tilden Tasks makes it so affordable for businesses to get a whole slew of services. There are three tiers (basic, pro, pro plus) with a variety of perks from unlimited WordPress tasks to one business day turn around. They even offer design tasks and can give you suggestions for improving your website. If you really want to make it online, protect your business website!

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