Press Release – Jerusalem Hand Organization to Offer Support and Rehabilitation for Victims of Natural Disasters


Jerusalem Hand is an organization that was established with the main purpose of providing support and rehabilitation assistance to people who are victims of natural disasters. The organization aims to help these people and do what they can to get them back to their normal lives. Apart from providing assistance, its website also provides all related information concerning natural disasters. This includes the latest news, how to prepare and what to do during emergencies and the first aid treatments that can be done for certain injuries.

B1305Natural disasters are among those that can be called and considered constant in the world. Each individual has their own experience of this occurrence. Some have survived while others failed. Those who survived are the ones who are enduring the leftover effects of these events. In any case, it is vital for these people to be provided with the support they need in order to recover. Recovery from such events is never easy, and at most takes time. Jerusalem Hand understood that when such disaster strikes, rehabilitation assistance must be provided immediately. That is what the organization is focused on. More than rehabilitating houses, the organization also helps in rehabilitating wounded hearts.

The rehabilitation assistance being provided by the organization to natural disaster victims are divided into two. First, they collect donations in order to accumulate funds that can be used in rehabilitating the houses in the affected places they are helping. Second, the team provides a place where the affected individuals can rehabilitate their wounded hearts. This place is on their official website, where they can also connect with other disaster victims. The site also serves as a place where the life stories can be found together with other related data and information, like news, statistics, articles and everything concerning natural disasters.

The organization has just been established for a short while and they still need enough volunteers to help with their mission. They are currently in need of more professional people who can serve as a representative in their region. People who are interested in joining can simply leave their full details for the organization to contact them later.

Jerusalem Hand is an organization that started and was established in Israel. As a team, they believe that preparation can help and is vital in saving lives during emergency occurrences.

To know more about how to join or donate for the rehabilitation of natural disaster victims, visit the website of the Organization.
Contact: Baruch Leviev
Company: Jerusalem Hand Organization
Address: Israel, Bet-Shemesh, 99585
Tel. Number: +972-585069961
Fax Number: +972-29993275

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