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Technology is evolving every day, but there will always be some places where there’s no internet connection to keep in touch with your friends and your family. This will happen for example when you traveling in some African countries, in deserts, or over the ocean… This is a real plague for bloggers or “social networkers”. You know those people posting text messages about their adventures when traveling through exotic places.

Solving this connectivity problem is easy; you can now use a new communication media and reach your family, friends, and fans by posting a vocal message on your own blog. And is it possible without internet? Yes! It’s super easy with Phone2Blog®! Phone2blog is a new way to send messages to your family while you are traveling. This service allows users to send voice messages on a blog. With Phone2Blog® an article, that would normally take 1 hour to write, is sent in 5 minutes and automatically published on the Internet.

You are an adventurer and you don’t always have access to an internet connection to post messages on your blog? Or maybe you don’t have a blog yet but would like to share your adventures with the whole world? No problem, Phone2Blog® will help you get in touch with your family even when there is no Internet or no computer. You just need your phone to call a simple Belgian voicemail.

This innovative service is offered by a Belgian company called Level IT. Level IT is able to create vocal blogs or integrate the voice message service right into your website, for example in a menu, or a feed. It’s really easy-to-use, you don’t need any computer manipulation when you are on the road; it’s just like giving a call to a friend, but your message will be heard by everyone who cares!

Do you plan to go on holiday this year? Phone2Blog® can be your best tool to update your family about your adventures. Grab your phone; leave a simple vocal message, that’s all that is needed to update your friends, family and all the people who follow you. They are automatically updated at the sound of your voice.

Maybe you are going to the mountains, in the desert, or in the Amazonian Jungle? Then think about Phone2Blog®! The service is very cheap and the customer service is fast and helpful. Finally, if you have a Facebook Page, your messages will automatically be posted on it too.

Check out Phone2Blog® on Twitter and the Facebook Fan Page.

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