Getting Your Print Shop Ready For Opening Day

Opening a print shop can be a great way to combine a love for graphic design and entrepreneurship. As you develop your business model, be sure to keep the following at the top of your to-do list.

Choose What Kind of Printing You Will Provide

There are many kinds of printing, and you will need to pick a few to specialize in before you begin printing. For some jobs, you can use normal ink- or toner-based printers. However, larger jobs on a commercial scale will require more specialized equipment that uses printing blades. Decide what kinds of printers you can afford, and then pick a focus that uses those printers.

Focus on Your Business’s Individuality

Businesses today have many print shops to choose from, both locally and electronically. You need to focus on what makes your shop stand out among all the competition. Create a mission statement that describes your interests and purpose. Try to tie your mission to your location and the importance of supporting local businesses. Include relevant personal information. For example, you could share your pertinent family or professional history. No matter what angle you choose, make it one that highlights your—and by extension your company’s—individuality.

Prepare Your Marketing Strategy

Do not wait until you have premises and all of your supplies ready to begin marketing. Your business plan should include how and when you will begin advertising. Consider launching your website and social media platforms a few weeks ahead of your grand opening to raise awareness. Take out ads in the local newspapers. Speak to other local business owners about placing fliers and business cards in their office spaces.

As you develop a business plan for your future print shop, keep these concerns in mind so that your company can open as smoothly and successfully as possible.

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