Is Your New Home Checklist Complete?

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When purchasing a new home, especially an older home, it is important to have an inspection. After all, buying a house is a big expense. For this reason, it’s important to make an informed decision. But no matter how thorough the inspection is, things always seem to creep in as soon as you’ve moved into your new residence and start living day-to-day. Maybe because you haven’t considered duct cleaning, among other things? Here are three aspects you may not have considered in your search for the perfect house!

Duct Cleaning

Having the air ducts cleaned, especially in an older home, can provide a great benefit to you as the new owner. Things like cooking oil and tobacco smoke add up over time, not to mention bacteria. If you notice a lot of dust or someone in your family has allergies, get the air ducts cleaned. Also, if you or the previous homeowner have or had pets, you should absolutely get the air ducts cleaned.

Doing this will not only get rid of allergens, pathogens, and bacteria but also help you get rid of any unpleasant smells. In this regard, quality duct cleaning services Sarasota can help you get things done. Thanks to their services and experience, the cleaning can be performed quickly, giving you peace of mind and allowing you and your family to enjoy a cleaner, healthier house!

Pest Control

Home pests can be a challenge. This is especially true is the house isn’t brand new. Older houses have all sorts of nooks and crevices where roaches hide and lay eggs. You can also expect rodents. While unpleasant, these are the realities of owning a house. That’s why it’s important to carefully inspect the walls and its structure before making a purchase.

However, while nothing may have been noticed during the inspection, changes in weather can prompt a surprise visit from unwanted guests in the form of pests. In addition, there is always the risk of critters and other animals finding their way into your backyard, pools, garages, and home interior. Finding the right pest control service means finding a provider who does preventative work and can also address surprise invasions.


Whenever you buy a home, be prepared for surprise expenses. They always happen. This means you should always keep in mind that whatever budget you think you need needs a little extra to cover for these unexpected expenses.

Home services are two examples of surprises that can occur in the moving process, but there are often more. Don’t stretch yourself too thin and take away from the joy of moving into your new home. Instead, plan and prepare for unknown expenses and include them in your budget.

Purchasing a new home can be an exciting endeavor. Make time now to factor in additional services and costs will help make your transition a smooth one. After all, air duct cleaning and pest control are two very important steps any homeowner needs to take before settling into their new home.

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