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AttachmentNowadays, there are many facets of education and, thus, we can learn a great deal of things, but there is one aspect in our daily lives that most people do not even think of as an area requiring a certain degree of education.

If you have not yet figured it out, I am speaking about entertainment. We all go to the movies, we see concerts, some of us still frequent the Opera – but there is no one that can actually teach us something about the fine art of amusement.

Personally, I have been looking for a pioneer in comedy education and I found him in the person of Ramzy Sweis – a man who has dedicated himself to bringing comedy to a whole new level. In order to achieve his goal and educate people in the process, he founded, which aside from being a real comedy café, is also an online school.

He has a unique approach to comedy, unlike anything you have ever seen, and he performs in Los Angeles. Most comedians rely on a given repertoire of jokes. Performance after performance, they repeat the same jokes and comedy lines. Well, this is not the case of Ramzy Sweis – he never repeats a joke, regardless of how often he performs.

Since education lies at the core of Sweis’ passion for original comedy, he has also joined the group of columnists and bloggers who write for The Arab Daily News and he managed to become one of the website’s most appreciated authors.

When it comes to authentic talent, Ramzy Sweis is definitely an example to look up to. So make sure to check out his website and find out more about the man, who is not only a never-ending spring of originality but also a true maestro in the art of bringing education and entertainment on common ground.

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