Nerd Forum – The Place Where You Can Hang Out With Your Own

Nerds need their own place to chill, relax, and talk with fellow geeks about all sorts of topics. Enter Nerd Forum and all the features and benefits it can provide to its users. It’s a safe place where members are not allowed to hate on other members, other races, or sexual orientations. You can relax here because we make sure everyone plays nice.

Not that you can’t debate things, of course. We encourage discussions of competing ideas but playing nice and being respectful is important to all of us. No one should feel singled out or bullied here and if they do, we ban the users at fault for harassment and bullying.

We get all sorts here because being a nerd is so wide-ranging. It’s about having a passion for something. Whether it’s anime, science, a TV show or series of films, geeks embrace what they love. Comic fans and video game fans can certainly find people who love even the most obscure games and comics. Everyone wants to belong and to find their people. Nerd Forum makes this possible.

Have some time to spare with nothing to do? Nerd Forum also has games to play as well as forums to write in. All the classics you remember from your first mobile phones like Snake, Pong, and Tetris are here as well as some less well-known games you can try your hand at. We have an entire arcade at your very fingertips! There’s never a reason to be bored ever again, right?

Meeting people who share those obsessions and fixations of geek culture isn’t always possible in real life. Most of us are compelled to find others who share our interests and the Internet allows that need to be fulfilled. Come to Nerd Forum and introduce yourself! You’re sure to find someone who shares your passion. Being a nerd carries far less shame than it did in the past and you can be proud to call yourself a geek. Welcome!

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