Tips For Building A Music Studio In Your Apartment

apartment music studio

Creating a great home music studio is easier than you might think. Whether you’re working with a tiny studio apartment or one of the 2 bedroom apartments in Forest Hills, here are three tips to help you build the ultimate music setup.

Open Up A Corner

When setting up your music studio, a corner of space is all you need to get started. You can position your computer desk against one wall and your piano, keyboard or synthesizer adjacent to it. If you’re using an instrument like a guitar, violin or harp, you can use the same setup and reserve any leftover space for your amplifier or mount. Wall space is your friend here, so if you have it, take advantage of it!

Make Sure You Have Power

This is especially important when working with digital instruments or sound processing software. Make sure your studio has ample access to wall outlets and add extension cords and a power strip if necessary. Not only do you need the power for your instruments, you’ll also want it for lighting, speakers, microphones, and other accessories.

Design With Your Instrument In Mind

Depending on what instruments you use, you can add accessories that will improve your performance. Sound absorbing panels are a great way to minimize background noise and are easy to make on a budget, and a wall mount is ideal for smaller portable instruments. If your voice is your instrument, choose an area of your apartment with good acoustics and enough floor space for a standing microphone.

Your music is your passion, and bringing your passion home shouldn’t be hard. With the right knowledge and tricks, you can build an amazing home music studio and start producing new work right away. Remember, this is your creative space — it should be inspiring, expressive and a reflection of yourself and your personal music style.

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