How Much Do You Know About the Laser Engraving Industry?

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The laser engraving industry is intriguing and the interest in it continues to grow as its technology evolves. What is going on in this industry today? What’s new and up-and-coming in the laser equipment industry? Is the laser engraving market still growing as it has been for the past 20 years? Here are some facts about this industry you need to know.

Popularity and Growth

According to industry experts like Guy Barone, the interest in laser engraving not only continues to grow but has gained in popularity over the past 20 years. The more people learn and use this equipment, the more interest there is in using this technology. People who need this kind of equipment are willing to make the investment in machines to improve their accuracy and speed for manufacturing, personalization, and other applications.

The Price of Investing

Just like most technology like computers and televisions, as the technology becomes more familiar, the price drops. The price also drops on older equipment as technology comes out with newer and more advanced machines. Back in 2008, you couldn’t find even a low-end laser engraving machine for less than $10,000. The cost today for a similar machine is about $8,000. For now, the prices have stabilized according to manufacturers of this kind of equipment.

Who is Buying?

According to laser machine manufacturers and distributors, there has been growth seen across all sectors of the laser engraving market. The need to be able to produce more and faster is one of the reasons for the uptake in buying. Any business that personalizes, engraves, or cuts wood, metal, and other materials uses this equipment to ensure their customers get the best quality as quickly as possible. Since the costs of the machines is lower and the machines work for so long, they can pass the savings onto their customers.

What Do First-Time Laser Machine Buyers Think?

Manufacturers report that first-time buyers are giving them positive feedback on laser equipment. They comment on the technology, reliability, ease of use, and productivity these machines give them. Many first-time buyers are surprised by how easy laser machines are to program and use right out of the box. Getting more work done in less time is another aspect of what makes this appealing to new and current buyers.

How Can an Engraver Be Successful Today?

Laser engraving machines give engravers something they haven’t had in the past. A way to develop and design faster and better products for their customers and clients. The best ways to be more successful in this industry is to be creative, imaginative, and to think outside the box when creating new products.

How Creative are Engravers Getting?

Due to newer technology and programming designs, laser cutters and engravers can put their own creativity to work for them. New applications for engraving systems allow businesses to upgrade, update, and ramp up their creativity and revenue.

What Markets Use Laser Engraving the Most?

The most profitable businesses for laser engraving include those who produce and make gifts, signs, awards, and industrial models and marking. Other markets that use these applications include scrapbooking, die cutting, stamp manufacturing, quilting, appliques, mirror marking/etching/engraving, wooden signs, and packaging. One unique application was laser engraved toast made for the band OK GO designed to go with their song “Last Leaf”.

Are Educational Resources Available?

Classroom training, one-on-one company training, Internet tutorials, and most manufacturers offer various forms and levels of training. There are plenty of easy-to-access resources to learn how to use and even how to be creative with laser engraving machines.

What’s New in Software?

Software technology is always advancing, but photoengraving is probably the highest on the list of new laser engraving software. The goal has been to turn the once tedious task into a point-and-click operation that will improve this industry.

The most popular lasers are the CO2 types used in the R&I industry. However, YAG machines are popular among engravers and popular die cutting machines are popular among crafters. It all depends on your interest in engraving and cutting with these machines.

Overall, the demand for laser engraving and/or cutting machines is growing. This is mostly because of its versatile applications, efficient operation, and fast turnaround for businesses. It appears that this industry will continue to thrive for many years to come.

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