Matt Pecson – A Contemporary Pop Artist Worthy Of Our Attention

JimiHendrixIt is sometimes said that nowadays it is impossible to create something original. Everything you can think of already exists or is about to be launched on the market, but when it comes to art, and especially contemporary pop art paintings, the above-stated affirmation must be regarded as false. I usually keep an eye on what happens in the artistic world.

Every now and then I happen to stumble upon a website belonging to an artist that I feel needs to be exposed more. I found recently and seeing the painter’s hand painted and unique pieces was a mesmerizing experience, so I felt the need to spread the word about Matt’s genius.

A statement piece that really impressed me is the Jimmy Hendrix pop art portrait you can see in the picture.

Matt Pecson is an up and coming artist from Sarasota, Florida, and he creates modern pop art paintings in a unique style, nothing like you have ever seen before. His paintings incorporate elements of various artistic movements, such as Expressionism, Impressionism, Pop Art, and Abstract Art. He is thus an envisagement of the postmodern artist.

Some of Matt’s major influences include Jimi Hendrix, as you might have already guessed, Billie Holiday and other world-class musicians, along with Hawaiian culture and key figures of the 80’s New York City art scene, such as Andy Warhol and Keith Haring.

Nevertheless, Matt’s originality is also a result of synesthesia – a condition that refers to a mixing of the senses. This is why his paintings are so colorful and lively, to a point that they seem to come alive. Traditional canvas is not the only surface that he likes to employ; unconventional and recycled surfaces are also preferred – a fact that makes Matt’s paintings even more interesting.

The painter has a fine arts degree that he obtained from Mount ST. Mary’s College in Maryland and it is also worth mentioning that he studied at the Corcoran School of Art and Design as well. In addition, he completed art studies in Europe.

After a year hiatus, he found his way back to his greatest passion, which is pop art painting and, as you can see in his portfolio, what a comeback it is!

If you are looking for a hand painted and a unique statement piece of contemporary pop art, then give Matt Pecson a call at 941.323.6620 or send him an e-mail at Also, make sure to check out his blog for more information about him and his breathtakingly beautiful pieces.

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