Luxy – The New App For Millionaire Singletons

The modern dating scene is filled with pitfalls, and when money comes into the equation, it’s even harder to find love. All you want is a companion to share your rich life with and people take advantage of your bulging pocketbook. Worse still, dating sites are filled with unattractive people that you have nothing in common with. So what’s a millionaire to do when they’re lonely? They can indulge by using a millionaire dating site like Luxy.

Luxy is an exclusive dating site and app for the wealthy in search of love. It operates like Tinder, where members can swipe left or right depending upon whether they like who they see. Truthfully though, Luxy is more than that though because there’s a social media side as well. Users can talk about everything under the sun or post pictures of their luxurious lifestyle to share with their friends.

It all adds up to an exclusive community for people living in the lap of luxury to find romance or make friends. In fact, this millionaire dating site has the following key features to make sure you meet the person of your dreams:

1. Attractive People Guarantee: Luxy does the work for you and weeds out the unattractive and non-wealthy. They do that by putting up potential daters up for a vote by members so if they’re not attractive, they don’t get in! 70% of potential applicants get rejected this way so all that remains are the best-looking people with major cash flow.

2. Luxury Brand Love Connection: The best relationships are based on mutual interests, so why not connect over the shared love of a particular luxury brand? Members can list all the brands they like in order to help them find a better match.

3. Millionaire Matchmaker: Online dating might mean the person you’ve connected with isn’t genuinely who they say they are. Not so with Luxy! They work to make sure that their members are wealthy and sincere about who they are. In order to get verified, members have to upload a form of id and financial records for Luxy to check up on. People in search of sugar daddies aren’t welcome!

Why not give millionaire dating a try? You’ll be able to find gorgeous singles that share your lifestyle and even make a few friends along the way. Luxury living is the way to go and finding a companion to share it with will make it all the sweeter. Luxy will help make it easier for the millionaire wanting to date.

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