Life After Being Arrested – Here’s How To Move On

Life After Being Arrested – Here’s How To Move On

Your evening started off bad when your favorite restaurant overbooked, and you were the reservation they moved. So, you went down the street to a new place. Dinner was great, the wine was superb, and even the music was tolerable for a change. Walking back to your car, you could almost imagine the stars above in the sky, and your wife was laughing for the first time that week. Yes, the night was going great – until you hit the police car as you pulled out of your parking place. Being arrested was not a good way to end the evening! Here is what you can expect next.


Yes, close friends are going to make jokes for a few weeks. Hey, you would do the same thing if it had happened to them. Some of your friends may ask about jail, the arraignment, and if you were fingerprinted. If they are a techie, you can explain the newest fingerprint scanner they used instead of the old black ink.


If your wife got you out of jail on bail, you will have a court schedule you need to maintain and meetings you need to keep. It is important to make every effort to be where the judge told you to be when he or she told you to be, for as long as he or she told you to be there, so you don’t lose all the money your wife posted as bail with the bondsman Scranton PA.


Don’t forget to contact your insurance company and begin dealing with your car repairs at a reputable shop. Your agent may have some questions about how the accident happened, but he or she may take pity on you and let it slide.

Being arrested isn’t the end of the world, but it can be an amazing learning experience for your next book. If you are a writer, that is.

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